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Yummi Paneer Bhurji

By Rashmi Dubey
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Paneer bhurji of raw paneer made at home only :)


* Raw Paneer Made At Home By Milk
* Oil 2 3 Spoon
* Dhaniya Powder 1.5 Spoon
* Chilli Powder 1spoon
* Salt 1spoon According To Taste
* Amchoor Powder
* Onion
* Tomato
* Water

Cooking Steps:

1. Chop onion in small pieces and also Chop tomato in small pieces.
2. Start gas stove. Keep pan.
3. First take oil in pan. Put onions in hot oil.
4. After onion got red put tomato. Mix it.
5. Now put salt, chili powder, Dhaniya powder, amchoor and mix it. Put half cup
water. Cook it properly.
6. Now put raw paneer. And off gas. Then mix it properly.
7. And here your paneer bhurji ready.