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Welcome to CookShup!

Food is the very essence of being
For some a form of expression
For some a way of coming together to share
For some a way of bonding
For some brings back fond memories from childhood
For some a form of association to a special occasion
For some a passion and to others a way to unwind
For some just an everyday chore while to others pure art

Whatever food and cooking means to one, There is rarely a day that goes by that one does not think about food

Thus the Origin of CookShup a platform for us to come together, share and talk (shup) about our love for good food and passion for cooking.
CookShup is for everyone – the avid cook, the beginner, the occasional experimental drifter.

CookShup is our Global Kitchen – a place where all the home chefs come together to share their tried and tested recipes and talk about their love for food.

The CookShup team strives to make these recipes easy to create, search and share, including providing healthier alternatives like options for alternative ingredients, nutritional information and health benefits as possible. We encourage our "CookShup" community to do the same.

CookShup is also attempting to capture the goodness and richness of eons of traditional recipes and tips passed on through the generations in an online vault, So folks accross the world can benefit and enjoy the essence of true home cooking.

Our Mother's Kitchen section not only serves as a authentic recipes vault but is dedicated to recognize and celebrate our Mother's and Grandmother's.

Think of CookShup as a stage to showcase and highlight the accomplishments of our members by attributing recipes to their owners, encouraging folks to experiment, express their creativity, share thoughts, opinions and provide engaging real-time feedback.

The CookShup team hope's to create a movement guiding folks to eat healthy home cooked meals and create a vibrant community of "CookShupper's" who enjoy good food as well as a good healthy happy lifestyle.